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IRONMAN COMPRESSPORT Women's Training Tee - Pink

IRONMAN COMPRESSPORT Women's Training Tee - Pink

SKU# Training Tshirt Woman - Ironman 2017 Pink


Comfort meets technology:

A light, comfortable and anti-chaffing compression t-shirt designed to fit the feminine shape will definitely please the sportswomen.

  • Made in an On/Off fibre, this garment breathes with you on and on and adjusts ventilation with the intensity of your effort.
  • Air circulating better, it allows a perfect balance between exterior and interior temperatures leaving the body at balanced temperatures always..
  • Ergo formable as it is, postural alignment is well assured. Your shoulders stay aligned thus boosting breathing and improving oxygenation.
  • Mesh fabrich on the sleeves for ultra ventilation to bring a maximum aeration and freshness.

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