IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles

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IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles
IRONMAN ROKA Pro Swim Paddles


The ROKA Pro Paddles improve on the conventional style of stroke technique paddles that swimmers have come to know and love. The Pro Paddles are defined by their ergonomic design, durable construction, and their ability to be customized to fit the hands of every swimmer looking to increase strength and improve technique. With four different sizes available and multiple hole locations on each paddle, every swimmer will be able to find their perfect fit.

The contoured design molds to the shape of the palm to make swimming with the paddles feel more natural, especially through the critical early catch phase. The textured surface of the paddle helps maintain grip through the entire stroke, and the molded polypropylene material supplies the perfect amount of flex while maintaining excellent durability - perfect for everyday use.

A prominent feature of the Pro Paddles is its durable, comfortable, and customizable strapping system. Sturdy silicone finger and wrist straps spread pressure across the fingers better than a tube-shaped retention system and can be set at different lengths to customize the amount of tension on the fingers and wrist. Notches molded into the straps allow you to set and forget the tension setting, so you do not have to constantly tug your wrist or finger straps tight right before pushing off the wall. The Pro Paddles are patented internationally, with a US patent pending.  


“Those are like an evolution of the type of paddles I like! Great grip for the hand and good to have the different sizes. The system to fix the rubber bands to the hand is great, easy to adjust and comfortable.” - Javier Gomez, 7x World Champion

“The strapping system is FANTASTIC. That is awesome. The flat section to distribute load, the little notches to adjust tension…what great little tricks. Overall, I’d buy them just for that. Way better than the traditional rubber tubes.” - Jordan Rapp, Ironman Champion  



  • Designed for smaller hands and body types. Smaller surface area is great for high-tempo drills. Hand Circumference: Less than 7.5" (excluding thumb) Hand Length: Less than 6.75”


  • Designed for most female and age-group swimmers. Limited surface area can also be beneficial for non-freestyle strokes. Hand Circumference: 7.5" - 8.0” (excluding thumb) Hand Length: 6.75" - 7.25” 


  • Designed for older age-group swimmers, in addition to collegiate and masters swimmers. Hand Circumference: 8.0” - 9.0” (excluding thumb) Hand Length: 7.25” - 7.75”” 


  • Designed for larger hands and body types. Hand Circumference: Greater than 9.0” (excluding thumb) Hand Length: Greater than 7.75”   


  1. Place the hand on the paddle with the palm centered comfortably over the contoured rise. 
  2. Thread the ends of the finger straps through the holes and notch it tightly to the hand. 
  3. Use the various holes to find the best fit, securing one to three fingers to the paddle. 
  4. Thread the ends of the wrist straps through the holes along the bottom for a more secure fit. 


For extended life, rinse in cold, fresh water before and after use. Hang to dry. Store in a dry, cool environment out of the sun.

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